Building a brand with how-to content

Convince people people with hidden benefits

The average smartphone user isn’t aware of the type of the operating system their phone uses. Convincing people to switch OS is hard. Because how can you seduce people with perks they don’t understand or see?


Help the audience understand the product

Based on these insights, we decided to focus on hygiene content. Content based on existing search queries. Real answers to real questions posed by real people. That’s what Samsung should offer current and potential users.


A multi-year How-To platform

Samsung & You, originally launched under the name Android & You, is a video-driven mediabrand that lives on both YouTube and the The platform offers numerous videos explaining everything there’s to know about Samsung-devices and the Android operating system.

Production & Operation

100% search based

All content on the platform is based on search engine data. A guarantee on both reach and relevance.

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True pride among Samsung-users

The content and the platform had a measurable positive effect on the sense of pride among Samsung-users. Besides that, both purchase intention and brand preference parameters were positively influenced by the Samsung & You program.

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