How content can boost upsell

Upgrade your seat and prepare for liftoff.

Bring all of KLM’s seating options to life.

More legroom, more entertainment, more food & beverages. KLM has a lot of added benefits for passengers that decide to upgrade. But how do we convince potential passengers to switch it up and upgrade?


Show. Don’t tell.

Show the goodies without harming the booking flow. By inserting visual triggers in video that seduce the visitor to the point of upgrading.


How to upgrade

On KLM.com the booking flow was enriched with useful and practical videos. Videos that show exactly how KLM’s upgrades and acilleries work. How much legroom is more legroom? We’ll show you.

Production & Operation

Pragmatically produced. For and with KLM.

The plane isn’t a plane. The passengers are no actors. Every one of the 10 videos we shot during our two days of shooting is KLM-sourced. The ‘plane’ actually located in the middle of the KLM office. The passengers als KLM employees. Lean, mean, flying machine.


A tangible USP per upgrade

The videos enrich the booking proccess and create additional triggers that lure visitors further in the upsell funnel. Without being annoying, off corse.

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