FedEx The Shipping Channel
FedEx The Shipping Channel
FedEx The Shipping Channel

Claim thought leadership with content

Develop a way to reach potential customers

When you think of shipping stuff, you probably think of FedEx. The brand has a strong claim on the category. But how can we further broaded that claim with digital content?


Help everyone understand the world of shipping

Shipping stuff is only top of moment during two moments; when you’re shipping stuff and when something goes wrong when shipping something. Perfect moments for FedEx to claim.


The ultimate destination for all your shipping issues

The Shipping Channel is a content platform filled with answers to frequently asked shipping questions. Using video content the platform tells you exactly what to do when encountering issues during shipping.

Production & Operation

Scalable, global production

FedEx is a global brand that operates in a lot of different markets. To ensure scalability all content is produced with the global distribution in mind.

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