Content marketing agency Wayne Parker Kent is introducing Sdu’s new platform Financial Law huB, with the I KNOW, DO YOU campaign. A sparkling video in recognizable Sdu style is the campaign kickoff.

OpMaat’s Financial Law huB is a platform that efficiently provides financial experts with information. Sdu Publishers asked Wayne Parker Kent to come up with an outstanding, yet likable concept. ‘These financial professionals are constantly living in a kind of legal FOMO (” fear of missing out “) because financial laws and regulations are constantly changing,’ says Anthon Verweij, publisher of Financial Law at Sdu. ‘They also have to filter this information from different sources every day. We now offer a place where you get everything up-to-date and in clear formats. The Financial Law huB’s core editorial team with top professionals from the field, is keeping you personally informed.’

Mark Schoones, Creative Director of Wayne Parker Kent: ‘The target group that will be using Financial Law huB is – to say the least – busy. That is why, with the I KNOW campaign, we wanted to create something that is standing out. Something with a punch, but without immediately putting the brand down as loud.’

The tagline “I KNOW. DO YOU?” is presented as the promise of the platform in the introduction video: with Sdu you are up to date. Always. The core editors of Sdu play a leading role in the video that was recorded on the Amsterdam’s financial district de Zuidas. According to Schoones, that is no more than logical: ‘There is a thin line between being screamy and self-assured. But backed up by the brand’s guts, we have found that balance. And the people who participate in the campaign actually bring the knowledge to the table. That makes the story so powerful.’

About Wayne Parker Kent
Wayne Parker Kent is a content marketing agency from Amsterdam that works for Dutch and international customers such as Samsung, Henkel, ING and FedEx. Wayne Parker Kent is part of Mediahuis and thanks to this relationship has access to insights and data from one of the largest publishing networks in the Benelux. These insights form the basis for all campaigns and strategies developed by Wayne Parker Kent. Content is the starting point, experience as an online publishing company is at the core of our audience-first marketing strategy.