Reintroduce a well known model to a new audience

The new SEAT Ibiza

SEAT wanted to raise awareness among young entrepreneurs; a new audience for the iconic Ibiza. A car with many perks each relevant in a different way.


Use the Ibiza as a stage for entrepreneurs

No product placement but a functional role for the product. That was the angle for this content series. Giving the car a natural place in the world of the audience.


Pitch & Ride: A driving contest for entrepreneurs

In Pitch & Ride young entrepreneurial minds could hop in and pitch their business idea. The grand prize? Cash and a SEAT Ibiza. As long as the winner could keep his/her cool during the grande finale.

Production & Operation

Multiple videos, a voting mechanism and a grande finale

In the runup of the campaign we produced multiple videos all across the country. The audience was able to vote for their favourite contestant. Our three finalists would then repitch their idea on the racing grounds of Zandvoort.

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