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This Privacy Statement applies to all products and services of Mediahuis NL B.V. and its subsidiaries (Wayne Parker Kent), unless they explicitly use their own privacy statement. Click here for an overview of the Mediahuis products and services.

In this statement we explain which personal data Wayne Parker Kent processes about you, for what purposes and on what basis. We also explain how long we keep your data, with which parties we share data and what your rights are with regard to this data, for example the right to inspect or delete.

Wayne Parker Kent is an independent strategic partner of Mediahuis, that’s why you come across the name Mediahuis in important information regarding your privacy and how we handle that data.

The data controller is Mediahuis NL B.V., Basisweg 30, 1043 AP Amsterdam. Mediahuis has appointed Mr Marc Cox as the data protection officer.

Processed personal data

Information provided by you

When you subscribe to one of our products or services, when you register, order a publication, sign up for an e-mail newsletter, participate in a promotion, contact Mediahuis or otherwise use the services of (a part of) Mediahuis, the personal data you provide will be recorded and processed.

Data obtained via cookies and similar technologies

In addition to the personal data that you provide to Mediahuis, Mediahuis may collect, record and process additional personal data regarding your use of the services of Mediahuis. It obtains this data through the use of cookies and similar technologies. This concerns the following personal data:

device data, operating system data and, if applicable, also browser data, with which access has been obtained to a service of Mediahuis. This includes, for example, the advertisement ID of a mobile device, the version of the operating system and the type of browser that you use to access a service;
data regarding the use of a service, such as your surfing behavior, the time at which you use a service and the type of service that is used, which information can be linked to your account when you are logged in;
location data from your equipment or derived from your IP address that is passed on to us when you use a particular service. Prior to installing apps that communicate the location of the (mobile) device, you are explicitly asked for your permission to process the location data of the (mobile) device.

More information about cookies and similar technologies and their use on the websites and apps of Mediahuis can be found here.

Data obtained from third parties

Finally, Mediahuis can collect, record and process personal data that you obtain from third parties. This concerns the following personal data:

information that you have provided to one of Mediahuis’s partners for the purpose of passing it on to Mediahuis, for example if you subscribe to a Mediahuis newsletter through a partner;
when you log in to a website or app from Mediahuis via your social media account with a third party, Mediahuis will receive your e-mail address and public profile information;
data for verification and enrichment of data known to us, for example address, telephone number, gender and age. This is done through Mediahuis data partners, such as CDDN;
data for one of our services that have been made public by third parties for a similar purpose, for example by placing classifieds advertisements;
information about the segments in which you are classified on the websites of Mediahuis and other publishers participating in NLProfiel, being Sanoma, DPG Media and RTL Nederland, based on your surfing behavior. More information can be found here.

Purposes and basis of data processing

Mediahuis processes your personal data for the following purposes:

for the formation and implementation of the agreement, for example to deliver the products, services or information you have chosen;
if you have purchased a paid service or product, to invoice;
to give you the opportunity to post and exchange information via one of the digital services of Mediahuis or to contact other users of those digital services.

The processing of your data for the above purposes is necessary for the implementation of the agreement that you conclude with Mediahuis when you purchase a product or service.

to be able to offer you our products and services as complete as possible and to analyze, maintain, optimize and use them

to secure;
to keep you informed of the products and services of Mediahuis;
to send you a newsletter, user information, service message or other (electronic or otherwise) message.

The basis for processing your data for the above purposes is a legitimate interest of Mediahuis, consisting of the interest to improve and protect our products and services, to communicate with you about relevant information about its services (user information and service messages) and to to perform (direct) marketing activities (commercial messages). If you have never had a paid customer relationship with Mediahuis, Mediahuis will only send you commercial messages if you have given permission for this.

to enable logging in via social media sites (offered by third parties).

The basis for processing your data for the above purpose is consent. You grant this permission by logging in to one of Mediahuis’s websites or apps with your social media account.

to show you targeted advertisements by categorizing them in a group profile based on characteristics and behavior;
to show you specific advertisements of Mediahuis on third-party websites. This can be done, for example, by using targeting tools on Facebook and / or Google to create specific target groups, by (encrypted) uploading of e-mail addresses. Targeted advertisements are then shown to these target groups;
for improving products and services. Based on information about your interests and about your use of our products and services, Mediahuis tries to improve its products and services and to better align them with your use and interests.

The basis for processing your data for the above purposes is permission. You give this permission by accepting the cookie statement from a website or app from Mediahuis.

to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to Mediahuis, such as, for example, the retention obligation for the tax authorities.

The basis for processing your data for the above purposes is to comply with a legal obligation of Mediahuis.

For the aforementioned purposes, your personal data can be exchanged with or made available to all parts of the group to which Mediahuis belongs (the Mediahuis group). It is also possible that when you use various Mediahuis products and / or services, the data processed in that context of your profile will be combined with data from (the use of) other Mediahuis products and / or services and / or from third parties (as mentioned above under ‘data obtained from third parties’). When using our digital services, it is possible that an account will be created for you automatically using the personal data provided by you in the context of one of our other services. Example: when you subscribe to De Telegraaf, a MyMedia account for self-service purposes is automatically created for you.

Provision of data to third parties

Your data will not be provided to parties that do not belong to the Mediahuis group without your consent, subject to the following.

Execution of agreement

If the provision to a third party is part of the agreement you have concluded with Mediahuis, we will provide your information to the third party in accordance with the agreement.

Parties engaged by Mediahuis

Your data can be provided to parties that Mediahuis uses for the performance of its services without your permission. This includes, for example, suppliers of delivery and payment services, software and SaaS services (Software as a Service), (advertising) platforms, hosting services, (direct) marketing services and collection agencies. In such a case, your data will only be used on behalf of Mediahuis for the purposes stated in this statement.

Compulsory supply

Finally, it is possible that Mediahuis is obliged by virtue of applicable laws and regulations to provide certain data, for example to the police in the context of an investigation or to a third party if the content of an expression posted by you on a Mediahuis website is unlawful is opposite that third. In these cases Mediahuis will only provide data if it is clear that it is obliged to do so.

Distribution outside the EU

Some parties to which we provide information are international companies. In that case it is possible that your data will also be processed outside the EU. In principle, this will only happen in countries with an adequate level of protection. If that is not the case, Mediahuis guarantees the protection of your data by using the standard provisions that the European Commission has drawn up for this purpose. These can be found here.

Data processing by third parties via Mediahuis websites and apps

Via the websites and apps of Mediahuis, third parties can also place cookies and similar technologies and thereby collect data from you. These are, for example, advertisers who purchase advertising space on the websites and apps of Mediahuis and social media parties that offer certain services on the websites and apps of Mediahuis (such as the “share button”). You can also access a third-party website or app via a Mediahuis website or app, for example via an (embedded) link. In all these cases, the conditions and privacy rules of the relevant third party apply. You are advised to consult the privacy statement of this third party.

More information about cookies and similar techniques and their use by third parties via the websites and apps of Mediahuis can be found here.

Phone calls customer service

Telephone conversations with the customer service department of Mediahuis components can be recorded for training and coaching purposes. The recordings are not stored for longer than strictly necessary and are not accessible to unauthorized persons.

Retention period

Mediahuis processes the collected data as long as this is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or is necessary to comply with legal obligations. For example, customer data is stored for up to two years after the end of the customer relationship. In addition, Mediahuis is legally obliged to keep invoice and payment data for seven years on the basis of tax legislation.

Security data

Mediahuis respects the privacy of everyone involved and ensures that personal data is treated confidentially and with the greatest possible care. All personal data is securely stored in the Mediahuis administration. Mediahuis also makes every reasonable effort to protect its systems against loss and / or against any form of unlawful use or processing, and thereby makes use of appropriate technical and organizational measures, taking into account, among other things, the state of the art.

Your rights with regard to your data

Below you will find what rights you can exercise with regard to the personal data that Mediahuis processes about you. You can use these rights via this page.

Right to view, correct or delete personal data, right of objection and limitation

You can gain insight at any time and at no cost into the data that Mediahuis processes about you and have this data adjusted or supplemented if desired if they are incorrect or incomplete. In certain cases you can also have your personal data removed, for example when they are no longer needed for the purpose for which they were provided. You can also object to the use of your personal data or withdraw your previously given permission. In some cases you can temporarily suspend the use of your data, for example if there is uncertainty about the accuracy of the data.

Right to data transfer

You can request the data that Mediahuis processes automatically with your permission or in the context of the implementation of your agreement with Mediahuis or have it transferred to another party (if technically possible).

Complaint right

If you have a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data, you can report this via p[email protected] You can also contact the Mediahuis data protection officer via this email address. You can also report your complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Pay attention:
If you want to unsubscribe / unsubscribe from a specific newsletter or commercial e-mail from one of the brands of Mediahuis, you can do so via the “Unsubscribe” link or button, which you can find at the bottom of the received mail.

Amendment of this Privacy Statement

Mediahuis reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Every change will be published on this page. We recommend that you regularly consult this Privacy Statement, so that you are always aware of the content of the applicable Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement was last amended on November 25, 2019