AMSTERDAM – FedEx launches the podcast “Making It Work” in collaboration with Amsterdam-based content marketing agency Wayne Parker Kent. The podcast is exclusively focusing on small and medium-sized (SME) businesses in the United States.

To provide listeners with truly valuable and entrepreneurial knowledge, instead of a plain collection of aphorisms. That was the starting point for the podcast Making it Work. Jeroen van Koningshoven, Manager Creative Team at FedEx: ‘Business podcasts often promise a lot, but then they stick to random success stories without any hands-on advice. That’s how we came up with Making It Work, a podcast that really helps you to work better and smarter. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner or not, the tips and tricks in this podcast are useful to anyone looking to improve his or her work.’

Podcast out of a suitcase
The podcast’s interviewees receive a suitcase with a full recording studio via FedEx Express. This way the interview can be recorded directly on location of the business owner. Not only very efficient, but also a playful nod to the services of FedEx, international market leader in logistics and courier services. Mark Schoones, Creative Director of Wayne Parker Kent: ‘There is nothing as terrible as a poor quality interview in a podcast. How do you record interviews in a large country like the United States without skyrocketing your budget? Send the studio itself! That actually makes sense, right? It’s an understatement to say that FedEx knows all about getting such a package delivered.’ Wayne Parker Kent is not new to producing podcasts. Together with colleague Matthijs Tielman, Schoones has been creating  “The Brief” since early 2017. This biweekly podcast about content, media and marketing is an in-house production by Wayne Parker Kent.

Longterm collaboration
Wayne Parker Kent has previously developed for FedEx. An online content platform with a wide variety of how-to’s concerning the shipping and sending of packages. The choice for an agency from Amsterdam is obvious, says Daan Zoetmulder, Managing Director of Wayne Parker Kent, part of the Telegraaf Media Groep. ‘The Netherlands are ahead in the field of content marketing. And since we are on top of our game, we want to play in the champions league. Working together with a brand like FedEx, is not only inspiring, but also strengthening the international position of Wayne Parker Kent.’

Making it work
Making It Work is available in the major podcast directories. For now, the podcast focuses on the North American market, but there are already plans to broadcast in other markets and languages. Until then, you can listen to Making It Work here.