Infinite insight thanks to first party data and dito research

Because there ain’t no party data like 1st party data. Data we use to validate our strategies and concepts with

Part of Mediahuis

A direct connection with numerous audiences

We are part of Mediahuis; the publishing powerhouse that houses numerous media brands in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Ireland. Thanks to this partnership we have direct access to billions of user interactions and audience insights.

Our Youth Research

From generation Z to the generation to be

Each year we dive into the world of the young'uns to find out what makes them tick. Which trends. Which non-trends. That kind of stuff. Together with research partner Mediatest, we gather all those insights in a yearly Youth Report.

Youth Report 2020 | Dutch article
Custom research

Want to know where you stand as a brand?

We can find that out on your behalf. With custom research conducted with the best research firms in the market.

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