How content can form b2b-relationships

Improving the relationship with b2b-partners. asked us to help them improve their relationships with b2b-partners: hotel, B&B and apartment owners all over the world.


Make impact at scale. has different accommodation owners all over the world. A lot of partners. A lot of stories. A lot of challenges. It’s difficult to maintain a solid relationship at that scale. How can we build an initiative which creates an impact on a global scale?


Celebrate high performing partners.

We developed a content campaign around the annual Guest Review Awards; an award programme meant to celebrate the best accommodations on Using these high performers as ambassadors for the brand that could educate and help their peers by sharing real insights.


An ambassador driven content program.

We created a dedicated content platform in 16 languages containing 14 documentaries, shot in 10 countries, highlighting previous winners of the Guest Review Awards. Using the insights from our trips abroad, we also created multiple written stories for the platform. The program increased both brand appreciation and the owners' perception of their relationship with With zero spent on paid media.

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