How content can improve b2b-relationships wanted to improve in the b2b-space

The relationship between accommodations and was strictly business. The brand did not have an emotional relationship with the people behind the listings.


Honour high performers

And facilitate a conversation between them and their peers. as the facilitator of stories told by the best accomodations in the world.


Guest Review Awards

We developed the content program Guest Review Awards. An international series told by the best accomodations on All published on a platform exclusively available to the b2b-partners of

Production & Operation

Portraits and practical tips

Our editorial team traveled across the globe and portrayed 14 hotel owners in 11 different countries. Extracting useful tips and tricks in additional content along the way.


Improved brand perception across the board

This campaign improved the relationship between the brand and its audience. Measurable result on durable metrics all by sharing valuable stories.

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